Osi Affiliate

TARIK+ROSIN affiliate program welomes you!


10% of any sale you direct our way.  Paid to you via Paypal.  Simple as that.


We are about to start pushing our T-Rex 3 and other products soon and have decided to share in the hype with anyone who wants to help get the word out.



You sign up.  We send you link.  You share what we send you anywhere you want such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. and if anyone goes and buys something on our website, you receive 10% of the sale.  We zip payment over to you via Paypal.


Since our items are pretty high dollar, you can actually see some pretty good sales quickly.  Each T-Rex 2 you sell, there is $30 commision.  For T-Rex 3, the commision is $50 per sale.  Do that ten times and you’ve go a decent side income.  That is our goal.  To make it easy to help us as our company continues to grow.  Support TARIK+ROSIN and support yourself. We hope you will join us in helping people avoid solvents and enjoy clean medicine.  


Check out our products and product videos at our website and on YouTube channel:






Refer and Earn

Please provide us with the following information to get started.